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Barriers to Weight Management/ Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just about losing weight on the scale. Weight is not the only parameter. Losing body fat in the form of inches is a sign that you are moving in the right direction. The battle to lose weight and keep it off may not be easy and people may be struggling from various issues obstructing them from achieving their weight loss goals. It is important to understand, address and change the issues that made you overweight. This makes it easy to achieve and sustain long-term success.

Each person is different and every individual undergoes their own set of challenges in their journey to lose weight. There could be many reasons why people are being unsuccessful in their pursuit of a healthier body. The 3 main areas of barriers people typically face are:

1. Physical Barriers

Common physical barriers to weight loss include fatigue, discomfort, injuries,and underlying medical issues. Issues such as dehydration and lack of sleep may also play a role in your ability to lose weight. While these barriers can be significant, there are ways to get around them and succeed in losing weight.

2. Emotional Barriers

Common emotional barriers may include high stress levels, negative body image, skepticism about your ability to reach your goals, impatience, negativity towards daily workout regimens or simply a lack of motivation. The challenge or the size of the perceived challenge prevents some people from starting in the first place. They may also resort to eating unhealthy comfort foods to deal with their negative emotions. This only makes things more difficult in their weight loss journey.

3. Environmental Barriers

Our environment does play an important role in either helping or hindering us from living an active and healthy lifestyle. Environmental barriers may include limited access to healthy food or exercise facilities. It could also be due to poor support from those surrounding us. This could be either family, friends, coworkers, etc. Lack of time due to social, family, and professional pressures can also make weight loss seem impossible.

Any or all of these barriers could be stopping you in your weight loss goals. But the good news is that each and every one of them is beatable. All you need to do is be more mindful and work towards making small changes while being consistent. Take one step at a time, putting in some thought, some planning, and some action to break through the barriers you face. This will help you make big shifts towards your goals. Once you recognize your personal obstacles, you can develop the skills and techniques to rise above them. You could also take the help of qualified health professionals to help you deal with your barriers by offering you the guidance and support you need.

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