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About Us 

Juvenate Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd. is a healthy lifestyle focused company. We are enthusiasts, experts and positive outcome achievers in the field of nutrition and health. Our mission is to provide education in the basics of nutrition and healthy living to all, staring from the tender age of 3 years. Juvenate Wellbeing's programs and services are aimed towards the alleviation of malnutrition both Under & Over Nutrition from the country, and possibly the world. We are educators of basic nutrition and healthy habits for the masses. Our passion for nutrition education has motivated us to create and develop our curriculum based nutrition education modules for children; our teachers' training modules and our parents awareness campaigns. We have been driven to create the "Poshan Chakra", a pictorial guideline for everyone to understand the balance in their meals, portions, and general active lifestyle. We at Juvenate Wellbeing truly believe that a healthy lifestyle can be sustained for a lifetime.

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