Home Kitchen

This deals with implementing nutrition in terms of the entire family. Menu planning for the household members taking into account various factors is done. Variations of recipes with options are given for ease of everyday meal plans. The struggles that occur right from planning, shopping and preparing of food are taken care of. Effective kitchen planning is taught, which concerns work, time, space efficiency and management. This also comes with teaching cooking techniques which best suit our health.

Along with this, basic nutrition, dealing with kids food and Medical Nutrition Therapy is our forte. Helping families to set up a healthy kitchen forms a base to ensure families adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Kids Kitchen

This is a place where we teach children to explore their home kitchen in a safe and practiced manner. Our aim is to educate children in the importance of growing food, harvesting, preparation and serving with a good mix of food science. A playful and fun way to get children involved in the basics of self-sustenance, self-awareness and to get them to be more aware of their environment. Our Kids Kitchen program provides parents with necessary tools to ensure their children learn basic skills that will be used for the rest of their lives. Starting with, knowing your kitchen to preparing, serving and clearing up, this program is a parent's dream come true.

Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is one that provides food on a large scale for their target audience for money. These can range from school canteens to industrial kitchen, where the number of people being served can be thousands per day. This is where we step in to bring appropriate nutrition based solutions for the organisation and their audience.

Menu planning, recipe development, kitchen layout restructuring, food preparation and service process setup, and  staff training on the set process are some of our services offered. International standards based kitchen processes are applied for effective results.

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