Team Juvenate


Gauri Shingote RD


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Gauri is a double graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from India as well as the USA. After completing an intense internship with Harvard Medical School’s Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Boston, she practiced as the head ICU dietitian in Pennsylvania, USA. She has also practiced as a lifestyle and community dietitian in India. Gauri Shingote is a Registered Dietitian, an ACE certified fitness personal trainer,certified fitness nutrition specialist and a certified Behavioral Change Coach.With over 20 yrs of experience, Gauri envisions a healthy and safe lifestyle for everyone, where life is added to years.


George Makasare

(Manager - Operation)


George is instrumental in handling the project operations at Juvenate. His expertise in project deployment for the last 15 years has made him an invaluable member of the Juvenate team. George sits on the WHO panel for drowning prevention, a post budded from his passion and profession as a certified Life Saving Trainer and coach. George has multiple accolades in the swimming arena as an athlete and as an inspirational coach.


Shambhavi Alok

(Nutritionist & Technical Content Writer)

Shambhavi comes to us with a Masters in Sports Nutrition and extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition education delivery.With over 5 years of experience, Shambhavi’s enthusiastic approach to delivery of education modules makes her popular with her students, young and old alike.She has a dynamic approach to educating children in nutrition and healthy habit formation.


Madhulika Gupta

(Nutritionist & Technical Design Specialist)


Madhulika has worked for more than three years in this field of Nutrition in a variety of different settings ranging from clinical research, private clinics and community nutrition. She holds a post graduate diploma in Dietetics and Health Nutrition. She is Certified Weight Management Specialist and holds a Masters in Psychology, giving her an added advantage in community wellbeing and nutrition education.


Shanthi Krishnan


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Shanthi is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a long distance runner by passion. She is instrumental in the financial decisions of the company. Shanthi is an avid marathon runner with multiple half and full marathons to her credit . She is a practiced personal fitness trainer, and also a practicing yoga trainer. Shanthi's dream is to have a fully functioning training facility for children, to inculcate the healthy habits of fitness and  start them on a path to finding a passion for sports.


Dr. Prachee Bohra PhD

(Head of Technical Quality)


With a Ph.D in Food and Nutrition from University of Jodhpur, India and National Eligibility Test (NET) certified, Prachee adds over 10 yrs of nutrition research experience for community and school nutrition education modules.Her expertise in educating people of all ages in the basics of nutrition has endeared her to children and senior citizens alike.As a mother of two children, Prachee brings in the psychological aspect of children's education.

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Kalyani Karnawat

(Nutritionist & Technical Content Writer)

A post graduate diploma holder in nutrition and dietetics, Kalyani has practiced and advocates clinical and community nutrition. With over 5 yrs of experience in the field of nutrition, Kalyani brings expert skills in research and education delivery that has made her an invaluable asset to the team. With a talent in cooking, Kalyani is our go to expert for recipe formation and menu planning modules for clients.


Preetha Sanjeev

(Content Writer Specialist)


Preetha is a Commerce graduate who has completed her Kindergarten & Montessori Teachers Training. Shealso holds the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers. She has a teaching experience of over 15years. Preetha has attended a certificate course in Nutrition, Fitness and Optimal Health.