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School Nutrition Program
Activity based nutrition education program for primary & secondary school children between the ages of 6-16years.

  • Selecting foods to preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning up after meals.

  • Agricultural practices - planting and harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  • Language, science, mathematics, history, geography and many other subject skills enhanced through nutrition.

Teachers Training Program

Teachers are the backbone of the education system. Their ongoing learning will ensure the love for learning in the children they teach. Our “ Train the Teacher” program equips the teachers to teach Nutrition Education effectively as per the grade level of the students. Teachers go through a workshop to update their teaching practices and become proficient in the delivery of Nutrition Education in their classrooms in a fun and activity based manner. An added skill set in their already existing one. 

Parents Awareness Campaign

For parents, every academic year of their child is a new discovery in understanding their growth milestones. Nutrition plays an essential role in this growth process. The Parents Awareness Campaign is aimed to get the family closer and involved in each other’s health and habits from an early age. Parental involvement from a very early age ensure the establishment of healthy habits in their children. The Parents Awareness Campaign is focused on how parents can improve their own health habits and lead by example for their children.

School Meal Planning

As a part of the nutrition education system, we provide innovative, fun, healthy and above all, tasty meal planning for schools that provide meals to their students and faculty.

School Nutrition program
Parents Awareness campaign
Teacher training program
meal planner
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