What is the program?

Children are taught the basics of healthy habits, good food choices, personal hygiene & food hygiene, good table manners and importance of regular physical activity .

Age appropriate, activity based learning

Integration of other subjects - language, math, science

Develop and instill important life-skills in them to last a life-time

Self-assessment through interactive worksheet

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Reinforcement of learned concepts using supplementary workbooks

Also interactive discussion/ workshop sessions for parents to understand and integrate the child’s learning into everyday practice. Parents also partake in discussion groups on topics regarding child nutrition and family health.

What the Children learn

My Sense Organs
Good Eating Manners
My Happy Teeth
Foods and Their Shapes
These are my hands
Washing My fruits and vegetables
What’s in my shopping bag
I have Clean Hair and Nails
Rainbow in my foods
How I Wash My Hands

Number of sessions 

  • 12 sessions for children

  • 30 minutes each

  • 3 sessions per week x 4 weeks

  • 2 sessions for parents

  • 60 minutes each

  • 1 session for 2 saturdays 

Where will this be?

Currently the interactive class and seminar session will be held online via Google Classroom.
The ToddNut workbooks will be delivered to your home for your child to practice reading and enhance their dexterity skills (hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills like writing and drawing - It helps children develop essential skills to feed themselves)

What is in it for the parents

 The seminar/ workshops/ discussion group sessions for parents are forums where they can discuss various topics related to their child’s and family’s nutritional and health habits.
  • How to introduce new foods to toddlers?

  •  What should young children eat?

  •  Role of parents in establishing good health habits in children

  •  Including children in the kitchen (meal planning, food selection, food prep, cleaning up)

  • Importance of Role modelling & Importance of Family mealtimes

Course Language
Currently we offer our courses in English. We will be conducting them in Hindi and Marathi very soon.