Welcome to the ToddNut Program

Preschool Nutrition Education for Children and Parents.


We teach children mathematics, languages, science, and social studies, but what about nutrition? The Pandemic has brought to light the importance of nutrition education, starting early in the formative years for better immunity amongst many other things. Shouldn't we equip our children with some basics on nutrition? It will help them develop skills in making good food choices while inculcating in them healthy eating and good hygiene habits.

 Providing children Nutrition Education from the age of 4 years onwards will ensure that they become healthier as adults. At Juvenate Wellbeing, our proven preschool nutrition education program is focused towards children, their parents and their teachers. Our objective is to educate the future generations in the art & science of making healthy food and health choices so that they don’t have to face the burden of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc in their adulthood.