Preventive Eating For Better Immune System












Role of Nutrition:

We do not know how long we will need to stay in place as a safety measure to fight this virus, but the quarantine time presents a perfect time to protect and improve our own and our family’s health while practicing social distancing.Your body will resist the infection better with an Immunity Boosting Nutrition Plan. It can help in Preventing the disease as well as in Recovery from the disease.

A healthy diet is an important weapon to fight any disease and positive changes in one's  diet is extremely essential to cope with the burgeoning pandemic. Optimum nutrition, providing all nutrients in both kind and amount, is the cornerstone of good health and the cutting edge of prevention. All sectors in the food chain, from "farm to table", will need to be involved in meeting this challenge. 

Role of Dietitians:

They are specialised in nutrition for different categories of people with or without medical conditions. Each person’s health is different and requires a unique management plan. No matter your condition, you should be able to get the care and stability you need in the comfort and privacy of your home.Our services aim in doing that, by providing online guidance from our highly qualified and experienced registered dietitians.


In case of fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, seek medical help immediately.

What is coronaVirus?

CoronaVirus or Covid- 19 is a highly infectious virus that causes flu-like symptoms (viral pneumonia).. 

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms range from fatigue, fever, dry cough, sore throat, diarrhea, aches and pains. An infected person may not show any symptoms in the beginning or may show very mild symptoms.

How does it spread?

It spreads mainly through droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks. Therefore the 1 metre distance rule. Droplets can land on surfaces which when touched by another, can pass on the infection to them through their eyes, nose or mouth. It is not an airborne illness.


Who can get it?

Anyone exposed to the droplets from an infected person can get it. However, old people and people with poor immunity levels are highly susceptible. Recovery also depends on the strength of the Immune system.


How can you prevent it?

Thorough Handwashing, Good Respiratory Hygiene, Self Isolation and Social Distancing are the most important preventive measures during this Pandemic.